The 5-Step Process

A Self-Directed Process for Releasing Any Unwanted Felt Emotion

The Biko Method is a simple self-directed process for releasing any undesired felt emotion. It also clears the underlying program, called an Emotional Footprint, that is responsible for triggering the unwanted emotion.

When used regularly, the Biko Method can help you release acute or chronic trauma to achieve true emotional freedom, wellness and peace. You’d be surprised how many everyday anxieties, fears, doubts and frustrations you’re used to living with that are considered ‘traumatic’ to your nervous system.

For example, have you ever gotten nervous right before a date or job interview, or a presentation to your peers? Do you judge your reflection in the mirror and wish you were younger, thinner, had a better tan or better muscle tone? Maybe you’re the kind of person that gets stressed out about money, or there just never seems to be enough of it.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could release any stress, anxiety, fear, sadness or anger the moment it arises, in as little as 5 minutes?

In a Biko Method session or series of sessions, you can release things like:

Emotional Footprints are the underlying program that turns a single experience, action or emotion into a chronic pattern. Because of this, Emotional Footprints don’t just store emotions. They lock you into a way of life you never chose. It can be like living the script of some depressing greek tragedy when you thought you signed up for that charming romantic comedy. They can also prevent you from fully living your purpose, giving your gifts, and receiving the fruits of your labor.
This is why it is crucial for your personal wellbeing and emotional sanity that you not only address the current felt emotion, but also fully remove the Emotional Footprint beneath it.

The Biko Method in 5 Steps

Here’s how the Biko Method works:

Overall Progress
Before beginning the process, you will bring your body into alignment with your intention via a series of breaths. We employ a unique breathing + visualization exercise called the Ocean Breaths.
Overall Progress
Similar to Emotional Freedom Technique, or Tapping, the Biko Method works with both your subconscious mind and subtle energies. Every time you begin a new Biko Method session, you will say a precise series of statements out loud to activate your subconscious mind and subtle energies and prepare them for the clearing process to follow. these statements are the same for every Biko Method session, regardless of the focus of that session.
Overall Progress
During this phase, you begin to explore the emotion, behavior, story or belief that you would like to release. We’ll guide you step-by-step through how to move through the Discovery Phase so that you find the network of connected thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations and memories associated with the focus of your session.
Overall Progress
After you have located all the connections you can, you will start to feel complete with your Discovery Phase. Additionally, sometimes the sensation or energy of those connections can build and you’ll feel a pressure or desire to release it before continuing more into the Discovery Phase. Simply state out loud our provided Release Statements and let them do the release work for you. Most people feel a tangible release of energy or emotion at this time. If, after making the Release Statements, you feel that there are additional connections you would like to discover and clear, you can always return back to the Discovery Phase.
Overall Progress
Here, the process comes full circle to completion. As you did when opening the process, you again go through a unique breathwork + visualization exercise to permanently release all Emotional Footprints associated with the content you unearthed during the Discovery Phase.

Get Started Today with the Biko Method

You can start using the Biko Method today to release stress, unwanted emotion, anxiety or anything else you’d like to let go of. The process is easy to do and can be used effectively on yourself, your children, and even your pets!

Learn How to Get Started

  • “I love to utilize the Biko Method. It really gets me back on track and puts me in the heart-space that I need to be in so that I can do what I do best - create and inspire.”
    Niko Makaronas Biko Method
    Niko Makaronas, Canada

  • “I felt releases during the session and lighter immediately after. The benefits keep showing up. I continue to feel at ease in situations that used to emotionally trigger me.”
    Jenny Kramer Biko Method
    Jenny Kramer, Canada

  • “The Biko Method has taught me how to remain true to myself and release triggers from within. I have also been able to shift societies conditioning right down to the root. I very much appreciate you Konstantine for creating the Biko Method.”
    Claudia Fazzini Biko Method
    Claudia Fazzini, Canada

  • “I am a personal trainer and owner of a successful gym. In my line of work, it is not uncommon to take on your client’s anxieties, worries or emotional states and bring them home with you. The Biko Method has really been a foundational tool for me. It allows me to address all the subconscious programs that contribute to all that emotional energy and clear it in a very short process.”
    Testimonial Biko Method
    Anonymous, Canada

  • “Since I have been using the Biko Method, I have noticed a drastic change in my overall confidence and in my anxiety around tests. I am no longer concerned with fitting in or worried about what others think of me. I am very grateful.”
    Katherine Biko Method
    Katherine, Canada

  • “A quick 5 – 20 minutes gets me centered and puts me back into my body where I am able to address my concerns with a clear mind. I greatly appreciate this method and I recommend it for anyone interested in having a happy life!”
    Testimonial Biko Method
    Anonymous, Canada

  • “Konstantine instantly moved his day around and met up with me for an emergency appointment. Miraculously, he removed 33 years of abuse that rooted from my father in just 2 hours. It was the most incredible experience of my life... I felt all the pain, frustration, the failure, the self harm lift from my mind and body instantly..I am forever grateful for this incredible gift he has given me.”
    Georgia Biko Method
    Georgia, Canada

  • “And within just a half hour my son said “HE MADE MY STOMACH BUG GO AWAY”. My son has had stomach problems as long as I could remember.”
    Aimee D‘Jackson Biko Method
    Aimee D‘Jackson, Canada

  • “I haven’t been able to step foot on a plane in over 8-9 years, and was able to fly 10 hours to SWEDEN. That was a huge accomplishment for me. I could not have done that without your help. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.”
    Dorothy Schumacher Biko Method
    Dorothy Schumacher, Canada

*Disclaimer: Results can vary. There is no guarantee of specific results.

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