About Konstantine Bisbikos


I have been assisting adults, couples and children to achieve emotional wellness and a sense of inner peace for 7 years, first as a Certified Meridian Energetics Medical Intuitive, and now with my own process: the Biko Method.

To assist those learning the Biko Method who are not working directly with me, I provide recorded hypnosis sessions to help eliminate resistance and other blocks to self-healing that may arise.

While the purpose of the Biko Method is to achieve inner peace, the truth is, I created the process I myself needed — to wrest back control of my mind, life and relationships so that they were no longer at the mercy of my emotions.

Rogue emotions, I have found, are what truly ruin people’s lives. More than the circumstances we face, it is how we react to them that makes life easy or hard. Unwanted emotions make life hard.

The Biko Method is the only thing I’ve found that immediately lightens the load and, when used regularly, leads to a lasting, legitimate inner peace and sense of self-mastery.


I am, and have always been, a huge proponent of energy healing. It addresses the physical, mental and emotional body at their source: the components of energy that they are comprised of.

Yet as a healing practitioner, I found that I was still plagued with unwanted emotions that often had more control over me and my life than I had! I saw the same situation with my clients. Therapists, no matter how good they are, often need their own therapists. Doctors still get sick. And all of us know what it’s like to get hijacked by a nasty emotion.

So what was it that we were all missing?

Several years ago I began to wonder if there was a mechanism within us… some gap in our understanding between energy, the brain, the thinking mind and the feeling body that every healing modality seemed to be missing.

Otherwise, how could it be that even with all my training and experience, the information I knew to be true didn’t stand a chance against what my emotions made me feel was real. I bet you can relate to that.

For me personally, my emotional reality included a lot of anxiety. I used to be a worry bug. I worried about every little thing that could come to mind. I would over-analyze every experience and try to control everything in my life. I lacked confidence in myself and my abilities.

Then I began to discover a unique process that has evolved into the Biko Method…

About the Biko Method & it’s Genesis

When I first began to use this process, it literally transformed my life with every session that I did. I couldn’t believe the results that I was getting. For the first time I experienced permanent shifts! I never had to go back and work on the exact same issue. I went from an anxious person who needed to control everything to someone who completely trusts the way things unfold. I no longer find excuses to stress and worry. I love my life and I am finally at peace with how it unfolds.

The Biko Method even transformed my self-confidence and ability to create the financial wealth I desired. In addition to my healing work, over the years, I have also practiced Real Estate. My first 2 years were slow and non productive. I lacked the confidence to close deals and lacked the motivation to create leads.

As soon as I began to use the Biko Method on myself, all that changed quite rapidly. I couldn’t believe the confidence that I had when making listing presentations or when it came down to closing deals. Negotiating on behalf of my clients became a natural talent for me. With my new found confidence and outlook on life, I felt like I was unstoppable. My 3rd year as an agent was a stellar year and I knew then that I had something very special on my hands that needed to be shared with the world.


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